The Orchestra of Emotions is a set of 43 emotional intelligence cards, each with a single word or phrase of a feeling or emotion on a distinct colored background. Created originally for children of reading age, now they are used with all ages in education, counseling, therapy, business, and personally. They are simple & intuitive to use.

In August 2016 Maarten worked with Monty while his Mom watched at Children's Therapy of Woodinville near Seattle, WA. Maarten showed him each card one by one, asking him if he had ever felt the feeling described on the card. Monty placed the cards using the concept of an orchestra- the ones that played louder or more often, or that he liked more in the front, or ones that he didn't like in the back or off to the side- wherever he felt they should go. When he had placed all the cards where he wanted, Maarten asked a series of questions, inviting him to tell about his orchestra: who plays the loudest, who does he want to hear more from, who less from, who plays together, etc. and finally, "...and who is the conductor?"

The woman on the left is explaining her orchestra to a new friend at an evening gathering where a group of 40 adults were experiencing the cards. Some did a general orchestra while others chose to explore a specific emotion or theme in their life.